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Women CFOs Are On the Rise, Research Shows

In a positive trend, there has been a decided uptick in women CFOs. That’s according to research performed by Cowen Partners Executive Search, a Vancouver, Washington, hiring firm. Its president, Shawn Cole, told Fortune that a third of the more than 250 chief financial officer hires and promotions that have taken place as of July have been women. And in 2021, 15% of Fortune 500 companies had women CFOs, other studies revealed, setting a new marketplace surabaya record for representation. Why the increase? “[F]or years, companies have invested in hiring women at levels that allow for leadership development,” Cole said in an interview with Fortune. “Now, there is a bench of qualified candidates. We now see more female VPs we and others can pull from.” And these aren’t just unknown…
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Coinbase opens local bank transfers for Singapore users at no cost

Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase will let customers in Singapore move funds to and from accounts via local banks, smoothing one path to investing in ulasan film digital assets at a time when markets are on edge over financial stability and crypto banking.Transfers, in Singapore dollars, are facilitated by a traditional bank, Standard Chartered, and carry no fee, the company said in a statement. Previously, users could only purchase crypto via a Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, or transfer crypto in and out of their Coinbase account.Hassan Ahmed, Coinbase's country director for Singapore, told Reuters in an interview the move was part of the company's international expansion strategy. Rivals Crypto.com and Gemini already offer a similar service.Coinbase, which last year received in-principle approval from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS)…
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Study: More Women in C-Suites Means Happier Women in the Workforce

Having more women in charge leads to a better workplace for everyone – especially women. So says a newly published study that examined hiring data from Italy, a country that implemented a quota for women on corporate boards in 2012, and compared it to data from Greece, which has no such requirements in place. Ana Catalano Weeks and Audrey Latura, of the University of Bath and Harvard University, respectively, found a 50% increase in the attention paid to gendered workplace issues such as family care and paid leave. “[O]bserved changes are not window dressing,” the researchers wrote. “Companies developed new equality initiatives after the quota.” One significant reason is that “women feel more comfortable raising ‘women’s issues’ when a greater number of women are present,” the pair of researchers notes,…
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Ways to Jumpstart Your Holiday Marketing Plan

It’s not too early to picture snow and the holiday season — especially as we pull our fall coats out from the backs of our closets. But this year, it’ll be particularly challenging to craft your holiday marketing plan because of so many variables. Will you be able to obtain the inventory you need in view of persisting supply chain issues? Will you be able to hire seasonal workers in this still-tight labor market? What prices should you set for your items in view of continued inflation? And when should you begin your sales efforts? Here’s how to get started on solving those problems today. Mark Your CalendarEach year, the holiday season begins earlier and earlier. Radial predicts that consumers will start at least as early as they did last…
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