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Ways to Jumpstart Your Holiday Marketing Plan

It’s not too early to picture snow and the holiday season — especially as we pull our fall coats out from the backs of our closets. But this year, it’ll be particularly challenging to craft your holiday marketing plan because of so many variables.

Will you be able to obtain the inventory you need in view of persisting supply chain issues? Will you be able to hire seasonal workers in this still-tight labor market? What prices should you set for your items in view of continued inflation? And when should you begin your sales efforts?

Here’s how to get started on solving those problems today.

  1. Mark Your Calendar
    Each year, the holiday season begins earlier and earlier. Radial predicts that consumers will start at least as early as they did last year, meaning October. Last year, many businesses began their “Black Friday” sales by mid-October. And many retailers extended their traditional Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales for a week, rather than limited them to a single day.

Put Small Business Saturday on your calendar for Nov. 26. Watch for free marketing materials from American Express to help you promote this event.

  1. Stock Your Shelves
    Knowing what to order for holiday sales is tricky. You probably want to use the Goldilocks formula of not too much, not too little, but just right. Be sure to factor in supply chain challenges, which have eased but not disappeared. Some companies started their holiday ordering in June. Don’t delay.

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